US Indictment for Founders of Bodog

Four Canadians behind online gambling site, Bodog, have been indicted by US federal proesecutors.

It has been a dramatic week for Bodog founder, Calvin Ayre. Firstly, the US Department of Homeland Security seized the defunct Bodog site.

Then, Baltimore federal prosecutors indicted Ayre and three other Canadians behind Bodog, David Ferguson, James Philip and Derrick Moloney.

The group are charged with knowingly flouting Maryland law by operating an online gambling business and conspiring to commit money laundering. It is alleged that the group received funds totaling at least $100 million from American players before paying them back via ZipPayments and JBL Services.

The indictment also cites the $42 million advertising campaign which Bodog ran from 2005-2007, which targeted US online gamblers.

However, Ayre claims the indictment was deliberately drafted to generate media attention, and that the documents were leaked to Forbes magazine. claims that federal undercover agents set up accounts, deposited funds via e-wallet, gambled online and then withdraw by check or Western Union. Ayre said that the issues and the indictment will be discussed with Bodog advisors.