13-month jail sentence to UK woman for theft of GBP 74,000

Recently in the UK, a woman has been sentenced to 13 month imprisonment. Michelle Oliver from Wall Health town has been accused of theft from two employees for a period of over 18 months, owed to her online gambling addiction.

The amount reaches GBP 74,000 and the dealings of the accused remain opened after the taxation authorities of the UK have investigated about a GBP 15,000 payment.

The accused, Michelle Oliver, is 44 years old and has a good reputation in the past. She admitted that she has theft two of her employees for playing  online games

Furthermore, she stated about the wasting of the stolen money and hesitated saying that the amount of money has been actually lost on gambling games.

If the woman will use her winnings to play online games in the future, she will be forced to have an austere lifestyle and she will also lose all her assets.