Seneca Nation Presents Agreement to Mayor of Buffalo in Hopes of Building Casino

Seneca Nation made a simple statement announcing the help they intend to give the City of Buffalo. A written contract, which presents the written agreement to the city mayor’s administration and provides a significant win for the city residents, has been settled.

The components of the written agreement as presented by the Seneca Nation are as follows:

– Seneca Gaming Corp’s commitment to make up to $7 million in infrastructure improvements to city-owned land near our sovereign Buffalo Creek Territory.
– Our commitment of purchase a two-block of Fulton Street for over $630,000.
– Our commitment to help the city in its negotiations to capture all the host community payments described in the compact.
– Seneca Gaming Corp’s commitment to spend over $1.7 million per year to market the
gambling casino to markets outside of the region and the state.
– Our commitment to spend at least $125 million to build Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino.
– Our reaffirmation of our current commitment to minorities, women and local resident hiring practices.

According to the Seneca Nation, they are not asking for anything in return for these agreements. All they wanted to do is build the best possible casino project that would generate hundreds of jobs and business opportunities for local companies in Buffalo.

This is just a copy of the Seneca Nation’s agreement, which they presented to the Brown administration. They are hoping to win the sympathy of the residents of Buffalo.


February 12, 2007