Reno Casino awards fabulous wins to players thousands of miles away

Lots of players got their luck with Reno Casino over the past few weeks.

Susie O. from San Francisco won an outstanding prize worth $22,500 while playing the Triple Lucky Magic slot game at Reno Casino. This amazing amount will serve her well in paying bills and buying some land for her needs. Reno Casino has another happy winner called Caren S., from Yreka, who just won $21,462 in her first jackpot, making room for another great win of $20,284. All these in just a few weeks.

Silver Legacy is a very appreciated casino as it rewards its players amazing winnings.  Also from San Francisco, Eduardo C. got lucky with his triple sevens that brought him a jackpot worth $25,000 on a $5 Double Gold machine.

Numerous players are travelling a lot to come to Silver Legacy and try out their excellent suite of games and high prizes.