Online Gambling Market Regulatory News Roundup

Online Gambling Market Regulatory News Roundup

Announcements from Antigua and Barbuda and the Danish Gambling Authority on important regulatory issues.

On February 15, Antigua and Barbuda’s Finance and Economy Minister, Harold Lovell, announced the next step in its 8 year dispute with the United States.

The dispute centers on the US’ refusal to honor a WTO judgment in favor of Antigua, which stated that US illegal gambling laws contravened international trade agreements.

Minister Lovell says the government will decide the next step in the coming days, saying, “It is high time that the US does what it routinely expects from its own trading partners – comply with WTO law and rulings.”

In other news, the Danish Gambling Authority has published an illegal gambling advisory, stating that a gambling website is illegal when it is directed at the Danish market.

The advisory outlines the legal consequences of providing illegal gambling, starting with a contravention notice. If ignored, the site will be blocked from customers, fund transfers blocked and the issue reported to police.

Finally, the advisory gives a dedicated email address to report suspected illegal gambling activity.