Red Star Casino signs a partnership with Microgaming’s QuickFire

A recent announcement from Microgaming’s QuickFire states that Red Star Casino has just become its new client for software solutions. Red Star Casino is the gaming service of Red Stars Poker portal, which operates on a multi-lingual platform, in both English and Russian language.

Maxim Brovko, Director of Operations at Red Star stated that they were looking for a software solution with minimum downtime and attracting branding opportunities. QuickFire looked like the best choice and besides that, Red Star is happy to offer its players Microgaming’s famous games like Hellboy and Tomb Raider, which will most surely prove to be popular. All existing games in the QuickFire platform are available at Red Star.

QuickFire’s spokesperson, Ashley-Sandyford Sykes stated that he was sure about the Red Star players’ positive reaction to Microgaming titles and QuickFire’s quality software. In addition he stated that Red Star was also seeking for mobile and Live Dealer solutions and QuickFire’s flexibility allows that for the future.

QuickFire portfolio’s latest addition is Multi-Player Roulette, which is based on Microgaming’s top titles Premiere Roulette. The game allows players to place bet on the table along with other 4 players. There are three different tables, according to the time between each spin of the roulette wheel, which are 20, 40 and 60 seconds. The new game will add a level of diversification to QuickFire’s portfolio. The game will not be available for all QuickFire clients, at least initially. Bet3000 will be the first of QuickFire’s clients to offer the game but it is expected that all QuickFire clients will have access to the game during 2011.