New online casino game enters QuickFire platform from Microgaming

The QuickFire platform is famous in the online gaming industry, known to offer casinos the opportunity to integrate their games, without having to change the style or their sites. More and more online casinos are taking this opportunity as they can achieve big sales without structural changes.

The QuickFire platform currently hosts maybe more than 160 games and most of them are Microgaming popular titles. Recently, there’s been announced a new game to enter the platform, a multi-player game, as they become more and more popular. It is a multi-player roulette game, which is to be availed by the Bet3000 licensed by Malta. However, Microgaming stated that all of its clients will benefit from the game during the current year.

The game is the first of its kind in a community-based game series and features the Premiere Roulette. The game makes it possible for 4 players to play at the same time wagering on a 20, 40 or 60seconds table.

QuickFire’s spokesperson, Ashley Sandyford-Sykes, stated that player demands change as fast as the online gaming industry does, therefore Microgaming must adapt to players’ need and provide them with what they want. Lately, they seem to like multi-player roulette. The game makes them feel like they are in a real traditional casino, as it revives the floor atmosphere and brings it to players’ houses, at their comfort.

The game also offers a chat application to make it more enjoyable for the players and makes the roulette gaming experience more attracting. Multi-player roulette is the first game from a large list of multi-player planned games.