Online Gambling meets Groupon-like websites

Coupon-based websites have proven to be very efficient for online operators, as a method to attract players and increase publicity.

Many online casinos have recently started to seek for the next level of development, thanks to the success of online marketing, looking to Groupon-like websites which allow men and women to get online vouchers that will allow them to wager at different online casinos.

The first developer for the electric online gaming industry is It is the first online group buying service dedicated only to online gaming industry, being launched by Starlight Networks LLC.

The website works pretty much in the same way as coupon-based websites, being an ideal for all gambling lovers. According to the founder of, the online group discount network has proven to be really working.

The perspective for is to bring this concept to online casinos, therefore to offer online game players great discounts and offers that will help them make some savings.

These offers, just like Groupon, depend on the specific number of players that will take part to the offer, in order to make it a viable deal. It is quite easy to sign up on this website, where online gambles can directly take advantage of all the coupon deals that are on offer. A good example is Red Flush Casino which offers a coupon for a special group signup bonus.

This way every players that will receive a coupon through will enjoy a 200% matched deposit bonus, according to their initial deposit. This way they will get double of the initial deposit bonus which reaches 1005.

Thanks to the internet, these days the avid online gamblers have enough deals to trade on. One thing that is imperative to keep in mind is that the overall purchasing power of a group is vital, so that the coupons are viable. is now working with several betting operators, including online casino websites, online poker websites and online betting websites to offer players better deals, as well as to increase the level of advertising for these websites.