Online Casino Advisory Launches Comprehensive Casino Gambling News Directory

On May 25th, 2009, the online casino Advisory announced the debut of the most complete casino gaming news directory in the world. More than 20 categories of news are included in the directory, each updating on a daily basis.

Sherman Bradley, OCA’s gaming analyst and spokesperson said that they have been producing news for a number of years now so they are able to make an organized structure that will help their visitors research previous and present gaming articles.

Such categories like Horse Race Wagering, Lotteries, Religion and Gaming and Macau Casino news have been added on the online site. Bradley said that they have always produced the most gaming news on an everyday basis but now their brand new archive structure will place them on the map as one of the leading distributor of gaming news in the gaming industry.

Bradley said that the writers of Online Casino Advisory do not simply write standard news like others in the gaming market but rather write news with one-of-a kind perspectives.
The group also claims to possess the best free online casino games together with the most comprehensive reviews.

The site’s free casino games do not need to download can be maximized to fit the whole screen. The online site breaks down their reviews into different parts including casino reviews for US and British gamers and other worldwide players.