OneTouch to Launch a Mobile Roulette Game

The high demand from the European customers of roulette table game has prompted OneTouch to finally launch the game. The company has modified the game in a way that it gives the gamer an intuitive user experience on any mobile device. OneTouch Casino Mobile GamesThe company’s developers have improved the game and have incorporated many currency options, which include improved back office management, reporting and game configuration.

The classic features in the game include previous history and hot and cold numbers, while a cutting-edge JavaScript framework enables the game to have a good game animation.

OneTouch leads the gaming industry with mobile gameplay, and the roulette game offers a regular and zoomed-in view of the betting table, which ensures that the players can efficiently palace their bets with one touch of the button. When the spin button is activated, the view then focuses on the ball as the wheel rotates.

onetouch roulette

The desktop players will have a closer look at the images of the balls bounce before they come to rest.

Mathew Rochman, head of One Touch, said:

“Due to the high European demand, we decided to invest a lot of our resources into enhancing the roulette table game. The quality has improved and everyone can attest to it. We are proud to have created a mobile-first game that will truly attract many players. We have improved the graphics, sounds and other things in the game, all with the aim to make the game more exciting.”

OneTouch’s portfolio also includes Baccarat, Russian poker, and Sic Bo, which has cutting-edge sounds and graphics, while retaining the classic authentic feature of the game.