Niagara Has Not Experienced Benefits from Hosting Gambling Casinos

As of May 29, 2007, according to a survey conducted by the Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce, the city of Niagara Falls has not experienced any benefits from hosting casino facilities that the province of Ontario, Canada and the government should review their policies and regulations regarding the casino facilities again.

Jeffrey Wallis, the former head of the Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce, whose sign organization has done tremendous work for the casino over the past years, said that he does not feel that the community is getting the amount of profits or money that they should be getting, but he totally understands the casino’s side.

Economic and financial conditions have changed since the year 1996 when the Casino Niagara debuted and the stiff competition from other gambling casinos in Ontario, New York and Michigan began. Wallis was one of the 91 gaming operators in the province that has answered the 4 question survey.

55% of the survey respondents say that hosting the Casino Niagara and the Niagara Fallsview Casino Facility has not delivered the type of promises said by former Premier Mike Harris’ administration when it has decided back in 1995 to allow some casinos in the city.

Some of the promises that Harris mentioned are that it could boost employment in the area, increase the number of tourists, as well as a lot of people settling down in town and boosting the financial opportunity of the businesses in the area.


03 June, 2007