New iGaming Lounge at American Casino

iPad users can now enjoy iPad casino games at the land-based Mill Casino.

Mill Casino has launched the iGaming Lounge, an Acres 4.0 designed mobile casino system with a large range of iPad games.

Mill Casino Hotel guests can play only over the hotel’s secure wireless network, which nearby businesses and residents will not be able to access.

Hotel guests are greeted by the iGaming Lounge host, an iPad expert who provides the iPad and instructions. Mood lighting and comfortable seating further enhance the mobile gaming area.

The idea for the iPad casino at Mill Casino was born when the hotel observed the popularity of iPads among its guests.

Larry Close, The Mill’s General Manager, said, “We have seen how the iPad and similar mobile devices have contributed to the personal choices and styles of their users. We created our iGaming Lounge in that same spirit of personal choice by using the devices to further personalize the casino gaming experience for our guests.”

He continued, “We want to help guests at The Mill to create their own iPad mobile gambling experience.”