Lyon County to Host Casino Establishment

On June 20th, 2008, an Iowa organization is currently talking with officials from Lyon County in the northwest area of the state about constructing a $90 million casino and resort west of Larchwood. The main idea is to attract players from the Sioux Falls area. If the county residents and gambling commission of Iowa gave their approval, the resort would earn up to $3 million yearly in tax and gambling income for the county and can produce around four hundred jobs.

It would also feature a substantial gaming presence in the area and that is where the argument is going to begin-economic and financial development vs. fears on increased criminal activities and gambling addiction.

Jeff Gallagher, the proprietor of Larchwood Lumber and True Value commented that he is happy with the opening of the slots facility because it will increase the visitors in their area. Lynn County’s economic development director, Glenn Anderson commented that officials together with Kehl Management are talking with building a smaller version of the $140 million resort that they have launched in Riverside, near Iowa City on August 31st, 2006.

The resort in Lyon County will feature a hotel that will have 100 to 150 rooms, an events facility that can accommodate around seven hundred to one thousand people.

Sharon Haselhoff, the spokesperson for the Riverside Casino and Golf Resort in Iowa City said that there are also talks about a spa, boutiques, restaurants and an eighteen hole golf course. Kehl officials are already talking to landowners in Iowa if they have any interest to sell their land for the project.

Anderson said that economic development officials are already scheduling meeting with organizations and communities to explain the project that will take place on June and July as well as looking for four hundred two votes to bring the project to public vote. The vote will take place in September 2008.