Does Luck or Skill Prevail When Playing Online Slots?

Old slot machineSlot machines have been the most popular games in land-based casinos for more than 100 years. Their history begins in the late 19th century and this genre was quickly embraced by online gambling operators.

Players appreciate slots for their sheer simplicity, but also for the fact that they are fun to play and have original themes. Some expect the outcome to be determined exclusively by luck, which appeals to them because no previous experience is needed.

Having said this, slots have changed a lot over the last couple of years and especially after being added to the offers of online casinos. Luck remains the determining factor, but some degree of skill is also needed to maximize the return on investment. To be specific, while the outcome of each spin is determined exclusively by chance, players can do certain things to improve the odds of winning. Players should strive to put themselves in the best possible position to win, because ultimately luck favors the bold.

Focus on Slots With a High RTP

slot machinesRTP is an acronym that stands for return to player and is one of the most important elements when choosing between slots. The higher the ratio, the better the odds are to finish above the profitability line. Most of the online slots have a return to player of 96% or more, but this percentage can be driven even higher. Trustworthy online casinos are also transparent, so they provide players with the RTP on all the games they offer. This should make it easier for gamblers to make an educated decision.

Go for Bonus Games and Free Spins

Another easy way of offset the house edge is to focus on those slots that have bonus games and offer free spins. The advantage of playing games with scatter symbols that produce free spins is that you get to spin their reels without paying a dime. Players keep the profits they make, so they basically get an extra chance to win. Bonus features are sought after and they come in different forms, ranging from cascading reels to pick and click bonuses. They also provide the much-needed variety for those playing.

Practice Makes Perfect

Even though slots depend largely on luck, you can still get the heads up by playing virtual currency early on. Most online casinos allow players to test their games in demo versions, without risking their own cash. In this sandbox environment, you don’t risk anything and learn the game mechanics before trying the slot on real money. The demo version also helps players find a game they truly enjoy.

Set Yourself Intelligent Limits

To stay profitable in the long run and enjoy every gaming session, you need to set certain limits and stick to them. Ending an online slots session when you have won a decent amount is a smart way of actually enjoying the money you win. Equally important is to refrain from chasing losses and set some strict stop loss limits to avoid painful downswings.