Slot Player Achieves Massive Win at King Solomons Online Casino

King Solomons Casino’s Marvel Slots are known for being the slot games that offer huge winning potential.  Many only slots players who test their luck at this series of slot games become winners, such as one player from Greece who recently won a huge sum that totaled to €191,550 after playing Iron Man 2 and X-Men.

The winning player started to play Iron Man 2 first and wagered a minimum bet of €250 in a single spin.  When he was awarded free spins, he managed to achieve impressive winning sums of €8,000 followed by €15,750.  After winning these amounts, he decided to play X-Men slots where he managed to gain a huge winning sum that totaled to an estimated €200,000 after playing aggressively.  The most amazing aspect about the amount that he won is the fact that he managed to attain it without ever winning the Marvel Progressive Jackpot once.

The lucky online slots player was congratulated for his phenomenal win by King Solomons online casino’s spokesperson who stated that it always feels good when their longtime and dedicated members win outstanding rewards at their online casino.