Kerching Launches Coyote Moon

The mix of the most popular elements of Kerching’s games and some new features has made Coyote Moon an instant hit.

Popular online casino Kerching has just released new 40-payline wolf-themed slot, Coyote Moon. Although the new slot is similar to Wolf Run and Wild Wolf, featuring wild wolves and a beautiful desert setting, Coyote Moon boasts a number of unique and exciting features.

Images of lizards, hummingbirds and elks adorn the reels in Coyote Moon, in addition to colorful Native American designs. The design, developed by IGT, is attractive and crisp.

Coyote Moon is enhanced by the popular Kerching feature, the Free Spins Bonus. In addition, the bonus round comes with additional Stacked Wilds, which means the bonus reels pay out even more than other Kerching games.

The Stacked Wilds feature offers players the chance to secure multiple wins from just one single spin of the reels. This feature has already proven popular in both Wild Wolf and Wolf Run, and is set to add to the excitement around Coyote Moon’s release.