Fresh news from Jackpot City Casino

Jackpot City casino offers players freeroll slot tournaments with great advantages and some attracting sign-up bonuses which keep players around.

Jackpot City casino is one famous online casino which started back in 1998 and is going strong ever since. Jackpot City is always adding new games and features, attracting promotions and the best sign-up bonuses, which keep players around.

Jackpot City keeps in effect its well-known $500 sign-up bonus.  All the new players who will sign up at the casino during the month of September will be eligible for a first deposit bonus of $200 when they deposit $200. Players who make the second deposit at Jackpot City, the casino will make a 100% back delivery to players, up to $300. Totally, the bonuses go up to $500 at Jackpot City casino.

There is also the first and biggest attraction for players at Jackpot City casino, which is the multiple freeroll slot tournament in September 2011. The tournament offers several games for players, real money prize and free gaming. All that players have to do is download the application and select the games category from the Multi-player video slot option.

The casino offers an outstanding freeroll called The Avalon Freeroll Slot Tournament, which is 100% free to enter and which offers a guaranteed pool prize of $300, which is to be shared by 10 players. The games can be found under the ‘Tournaments’ section at the Games category at the casino. There are also free spins features which attract players.

Players are offered a certain amount of time during these tournaments, where they can play for credits. During the play they can earn even more credits.  According to the credits, players can win cash or entries into bigger multi-players contests.