Guyana Parliament Considers Legalization of Gambling Under Prime Minister

Aside from the Cricket World Cup, visitors to Guyana, will be able to enjoy the various new gambling activities and attractions in the casino establishments if the gambling law discussed in Parliament on January 11, 2007 will push through.

The law may be approved by the Minister of Home Affairs, Clement Rohee after the debates on the proposition that will be held on January 18-19, 2007. Prime Minister, Sam Hinds, said that due to the opposition of some religious groups, which they claim violated theological teachings, the government has made plans to prevent the activity from becoming widespread across the country. Prime Minister Hinds added that the government is clearly aware of the dangers of casino gambling so they are carefully discussing appropriate plans to counteract it.

The law will endow Prime Minister Hinds with the authority to make an administrative committee for casino related activities and will also give him the power to set up fees for the casino application of license. Among the potential problems that are being considered are gambling addictions, prostitution and money laundering. In accordance with the law, Hinds will be able to dictate laws and regulations regarding the issuing of licenses. According to the act, the Prime Minister may legislate laws in order to ensure that the Gaming Authority Board will handle the license issue, regarding the types of licenses that would cover casino gambling.


January 17, 2007