Glacier Peaks Tribal Casino Terminates Manager After Only 3 Months

On February 5, 2007, Glacier Peaks, a tribally owned casino terminated its manager, Gary Green. There was a unanimous vote by the Siyeh Corporation’s Board Members to fire the manager.

Virgil Edwards, one of the board members of the tribe’s economic development arm, Siyeh Corp, did not disclose the reasons behind Green’s termination. He just emphasized that money or the issue of theft has nothing to do with it and the termination is just part of the changes in the Blackfeet Tribe’s new casino.

According to Edwards, Green did what he could to contribute to the casino, but the board believed that they needed to redefine the casino’s path.

Edwards added that Glacier Peaks Casino will have a new manager in 3-4 months time to fill Green’s position.

Previously, 53-year old Green also served at 2 other tribally owned gambling casinos. He worked as VP of Marketing at Spotlight 29 Casino in California and more recently as General Manager of Thunderbird Casino in Oklahoma, where he was fired for the first time.

Green, who was the presiding officer during the grand opening of Glacier Peaks Casino last September, has yet to comment on his termination.


March 20, 2007