Gateway Owned Baccarat Casino May Move to the Arena Complex in Edmonton

On August 21st, 2007, the Baccarat Casino, which is located on the northwest area of 104th Avenue and 101st Street, may eventually be relocated to an arena complex in the downtown area.

Baccarat Casino owner, Gateway casinos had applied for a development license back in 2004 to construct a bigger casino on west of 104th Avenue, then remove the present building and replace it with a Canadian Superstore. Currently, Gateway is in the middle of a buyout process with the Australian-based company, Publishing and Broadcasting Limited.

The Mayor’s committee is reviewing the possibility of a multi-use establishment like a hockey arena located east of the 101st Street near 104th Avenue. The project could involve a hotel, condominiums, apartments, restaurants, retailers and a casino facility.

Gateway previously rejected the idea of relocating from their own property. But Gateway’s new vice-president of the company, Al Wilson said that they are open to the possibility. He added that if Gateway could utilize their Baccarat property and if a casino and the other facilities could benefit the residents, it will be a good outcome for both sides.

Gateway previously rejected the delay on the planning and building of an arena facility at the site for several years. Wilson said that Gateway has made in their own land so it faces a long delay in any case.

Aside from that, Baccarat needs a thorough renovation. He said that either plan needs the permission of the Alberta Gambling and Liquor Commission. Wilson added that the renovation of the Baccarat casino is expected to start in early 2008 and change the lay-out of the casino to be more customer friendly but the size of the facility will not change.

Gateway casinos have no plans for the other tenants located on Baccarat land. If the casino facility does not move to the complex, they will pass another proposal for the property to the city council.