New Loyalty Program from Everest Gaming

Everyone can become a VIP at Everest Casino and Casino Elegance with the launch of Everest Gaming’s new loyalty program.

Everest Gaming has announced the launch a brand new loyalty program at its world class casinos, Everest Casino and Casino Elegance.

Everest Casino’s players can now enjoy the VIP Crystal Club, while Casino Elegance players can join the VIP Elegance Club.

What’s more, eEverybody can become a VIP. Players simply earn Crystal Points each month to receive elite benefits. No registration process of opting in is necessary. Players are granted VIP status once they have earned 500 Crystal Points.

Everest Gaming’s Etienne Leroy, said, “Transparency, simplicity, accessibility and fairness are the cornerstones we‘ve build our VIP program on. We’ve made sure that it is easy to understand, basing it on one criteria only: the number of Crystal Points players accrue.”

The loyalty program follows hot on the heels of Everest Gaming’s redesign and release of an exciting promotions program.