Regulated European i-gaming enters new era

The research made by Global Betting and Gaming Consultants  for Interactive Gaming Report have shown that in the year 2011, 51.3% of gambling revenues came from domestically regulated markets.

It is expected that in 2012, the figure will jump to 60.1%, with the new i-gaming markets to be launched.

According to GBGC director Lorien Pilling, the year 2012 will deceide the fate of i-gaming in Europe, since high taxes replace low taxes, multiple licenses replace single license and the customer payouts are being reduced.

In Spain  new licenses will be issued soon, while Denmark has already issued licenses with 20% tax on gross revenues.

Germany will planning some restricitve licensing rules as well, while Greece is aiming for a 30% gross profits tax plus a withholding tax on players’ payouts.

Even though the markets that were once profitable became a lot less under the new conditions, online operators have accepted the new landscape, due to the easy advertising and payments with domestic licenses.

Internet casino games are restricted in some newly regulated markets.