Major Cryptocurrencies Finish April on a Positive Note

Bitcoin CasinoCrypto currencies enjoyed a meteoric rise last year, propelled by the surging popularity of Bitcoin. In the final days of 2017 they took a dive and things turn from bad to worse in the first weeks of 2018.

Investors and people who see a future for crypto currencies finally have some reasons to celebrate. That is because April was the best month of the year so far and Bitcoin Core inches closer of the $10,000 mark. It is still way below the top value recorded in late 2017, but this marks the rebound of the battered digital money.

Bitcoin Cash is spearheading the recovery, but other crypto currencies are also on the mend. Litecoin had ample swings and finally traded above $150, while Ethereum hovers above the $600 threshold. There is a lot of interest surrounding the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange traded fund, which is going to impact the US stock market this year. Early signs of recovery were there to see mid-March, but they only became self evident throughout April.

Optimistic Forecast for Crypto Currencies in 2018

There is a lot of uncertainty surrounding digital money, which comes as no surprise after the latest 2017 meltdown. However, there are more optimistic people today than they were at the beginning of the year and for a good reason. Bitcoin Cash has made significant gains over short period of time and all the other crypto currencies have thrived as well. Some have doubled their prize, while others tripled or quadrupled their value in a couple of days.

Investors are more wary today of potential dips in value than they were six months ago. They know more about what can be expected, but most have maintained their bullish views towards crypto currencies. Bitcoin Cash is the hottest coin right now in terms of gains made in April, but everyone is focusing on Bitcoin Core. The most optimistic voices say that this crypto currency will surpass the psychological threshold of $20,000 over the next couple of months.

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