Casino Based in Erie County Improves Business for Hotels

On March 12, 2007, the newly opened slots casino in Erie reported that they are proving to be a great economic draw in the area, and have a great effect on business in most hotels in the area as tourists come from Pittsburgh, Ohio and New York.

According to Hotel Managers, there has been a significant increase in their room reservations since the slots casino in Erie, the Presque Isle Downs and Casino opened on February 28, 2007.

One of the hotels in the area, the 109 room capacity Tally hotel, which is located about half a mile from the Erie Casino, has reported an added 20-30 room bookings every weekend, according to Regional Manager, Jamie Maragas. Room bookings have also increased at the Days Inn, Quality Inn and Suites, Super8 Motel, the Red Roof Inn and the Best Western.

According to General Manager, Deana Vete, before the Erie Casino opened in Erie County, the Best Western Hotel had an average of about 30-55 bookings every weekend, but since the gambling casino opening, they are now averaging around 55-85 rooms and all their weekends are already sold out.

Hotel Managers believe that the increasing reservations are clearly a result of the casino’s influence. They also reported that when checking in, their customers ask them for the directions and distance of the casino. The gamblers at the casino have already spent over $57 million during the first week of the casino opening.


March 21, 2007