Blair Comes to Deputy Prime Minister Prescott's Defense Regarding Casino Scandal

Deputy Prime Minister Prescott is now being investigated by the Parliamentary standards watchdog, Sir Philip Mawer, in light of his alleged involvement in the siting of Britain’s first super gambling casino. Prescott is being accused of using his political influence to grant favors to casino tycoon, Philip Anschutz, for his casino bid on the Millennium Dome.

British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, is adamant in his belief that nobody in the Labour Party has sold any honors in return for financial backing.

Prime Minister Blair made known his stand on the matter during an interview with BBC One’s The Politics Show and added that he saw nothing wrong with working peerages being given to party supporters.

Blair also defended the honor of his second in command, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott. The Prime Minister stated that he has seen no evidence of ministerial misconduct from the controversial Prescott, despite the scandals surrounding him lately.

According to Mr. Blair, “Nobody in the Labour Party to my knowledge has sold honours or sold peerages”.

“Has anybody got any actual evidence that John has interfered in this process in an improper way?” asked Blair in defense of his deputy. “I haven’t seen any. I mean I’ve seen hoards of newspaper allegations about something to do with cowboy boots and some belt or something,” he added, referring to the gifts given to Deputy Prime Minister Prescott by casino tycoon, Philip Anschutz.


February 18, 2007