Launches a New and Improved Modernized Website, a long established and renowned online casino, launched a new and improved site during the last week of August. Although it has a sleek new look, the renowned casino retains its funky retro Vegas look and feel, while still offering every kind of gambling found in a real-life Vegas casino. Nonetheless, as a bonus, has added new instant-play games, as well as a new Poker School and Casino School for novice players.

“ has been around since 1998 and a lot of our players are experienced gamblers that have been playing with us for years. Most of them are old school gamblers that like Vegas.” said Manager Rene Quesada, “So we’re keeping a re-vamped ‘rat pack’ look and we still offer everything Vegas offers: casino games, poker, horses and sports betting. We just modernized our games – new instant-play Flash games that don’t require downloading or installation – and we’ve added a lot more resources, especially for inexperienced players.”

Quesada added, “Especially with this summer’s movie promotion, we’re seeing more and more new players that want to play but need a little help with how to bet, especially in one of the most popular games, Texas Hold’Em.”

Setting itself apart from other sites where the basic rules of play are buried deep in the site, offers easy to understand explanations of their games. The site features animated tutorials and even a Texas Hold’em video tutorial.


January 23, 2007