Internet bingo has taken the world by storm. No more assembling in crowded halls but simply logging on from the comfort of your home. Parlay Entertainment online gaming software began it all.

Parlay Entertainment Inc. holds the patent for Internet bingo. It was the first company to launch a commercially viable Internet bingo platform and is the leading developer of the online version of the game today. Most of the online bingo halls hold licences from Parlay Entertainment for their multiplayer software. These include some of the most famous brand names in the online bingo industry, including Virgin and Yahoo. Both the 75-number and 90-number versions of bingo are on offer. Parlay Entertainment solutions are not restricted to bingo. They include the complete range of lottery and slots and other casino entertainment as well. All Parlay Entertainment games come in in-browser, downloadable and wireless formats. Parlay Entertainment software is more than just games, it is a comprehensive gaming system. The application includes game management, affiliate management and reporting features. Parlay Entertainment gaming systems maximize profitability for operators while providing value for money to players.

Parlay Entertainment technology has all the features required in successful gaming systems. Scalability of the system ensures that online bingo halls and casinos can accommodate the increasing volumes without updates and without worries of the system getting jammed due to overload. The open architecture provides extensive flexibility for individual site customization and for meshing with other applications like financial services This also allows sites to aggregate games and prizes across bingo networks. The modular architecture protects sensitive customer information.

Because of their leadership role and long experience in the industry, Parlay Entertainment knows exactly what the customer wants. Hence the Parlay Entertainment platform is ideally suited to attract customers at various levels. Online bingo halls and casinos can choole the level of involment they want from a simple plug in game to a turn-key implementation of online gaming business. The Parlay Entertainment package is based on proven best practices, latest technology and comprehensive services.

However the pride of the Parlay Entertainment platform are the games themselves. A thriving online bingo community has been created by Parlay Entertainment through its advanced chat capabilities with both group and one-on-one instant messaging. Using proprietary tools, game masters can simultaneously manage multiple games and chat rooms. Innovations to the traditional wal of playing have kept the interest alive in bingo. Some of thease innovative features are prize variations, wild number functionality and multi-part games. There are a number of payment options as well, which include payment in advance and pay as you play. For those who only want to have fun free play bingo is also available.

The Parlay Entertainment platform offers a complete range of casino games. Included are Vegas-style table games such as blackjack, craps and roulette and a variety of slots and video poker games. The games simulate land casino experiences using rich audiovisual special effects. The casino package is available independently ans also integrated with the bingo package.

Parlay Entertainment believes that customer satisfaction is the key to its success and this has been the foundation of its growth.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28