The world loves to bet on every type of event – from sports to politics and finance to entertainment. The Orbis OpenBet Sportsbook caters to them all.

The Orbis OpenBet Sportsbook offers a complete back office betting solution. It incorporates wagering on all kinds of events. It provides instant feedback on betting patterns. These result in a richer wagering experience for customers.

Two key features of Orbis OpenBet Sportsbook are its robustness and scalability. The robustness allows for a vast range of bet types. The greater the range of bets, the greater is the value to the customer. The scalability allows for hundreds of bets per second. These are supported by comprehensive back-office management tools. Real-time reporting enables precise tracking of all bets allows the Sportsbook to control its exposure. The Orbis OpenBet Sportsbook trading interface allows for display of selected critical parameters essential for operational control. Betting takes place over a wide range of events and platforms. For example a Sportsbook would be handling horse racing, basketball, football and a host of other sports over the Internet, interactive TV, mobile devices, call centre and retail environments. Orbis OpenBet provides a single, real-time view of the liability across all platforms. It is not possible to manually keep track of shifts in betting patterns over such a wide range. Hence Orbis OpenBet allows you to create personalised, real-time alerts to bring to attention such things as unusual bets, fraud or liability breaches. Customised reports can be instantly generated as well. Should the Sportsbook operator find that he needs to intervene and suspend betting he can do so. This can be done for a specific event or a specific sport or a specific bet type or even a specific customer segment.

Call Centre operations are increasingly being used to handle bets. Such a system offers greater flexibility and faster flow of information resulting in easy handling of increased traffic. The Orbis OpenBet platform is fully provided to operate an integrated call centre system.

Handling financial transactions is another important aspect of Sportsbook operations. Orbis OpenBet scores in this arena as well. It can support different types of accounts, including debit and credit. It simplifies the overnight account cleardown process. Customized statements of all sorts can be easily created. Orbis OpenBet is aware of the need to audit the operations activities and suitable controls have been integrated into the system. Yet the system is flexible enough so that individual Sportsbooks can choose how to reward their VIP customers.

Orbis OpenBet uses the Application Programming Interface (API). API has several advantages. It allows the Sportsbook to retain control of operations even when allowing third party remote access to all OpenBet functionality. The API allows the Sportsbook to install its own promotional and other features. Some of these are integration into the ‘One Account, One Wallet’ solution for third parties, publishing their odds on external audit sites and remote bet placement and customer management.

As mentioned earlier Orbis OpenBet can be adapted to any event, sporting or otherwise. It is up to the imagination of individual Sportsbook or casinos operators how they exploit the advantages of Orbis OpenBet.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28