Though Ongame Network is a late entrant in the gaming industry, starting only in 1999, it has more than made up for the delay.

Independent auditors have certified that Ongame Network is a dominant player in the online poker and casino industry. It supplies a ready to use, fully serviced gaming platform that is much in demand. Ongame Network has over 12,000,000 registered users operating through its franchisees.

Ongame Network is maintaining this dominant position by inventing new variations to traditional poker games and also developing new features and promotions for poker rooms. For example the Ongame Network comes with an integrated mobile poker facility. Poker tournaments are very popular and Ongame Network ensures that poker fans get their fill. The “Ongame Network Poker Classic” held in December of 2007 at Grand Casino de Barcelona had $1,500,000 in prize money.

Some of the reasons that make Ongame Network the preferred gaming technology supplier are java-based software, strong player liquidity, unique game concepts, superior graphics, password protected tables, vibrant chat rooms, rakeback free environment and customisation to local conditions. The software supports eighteen languages that cover almost all of Europe. A growing trend in the Online Casino circuit is that players want to play as animated avatars, either branded or customized. Ongame Network software enables this process and adds excitement to the game. Hassle free payments, both deposits and withdrawals, are essential to the success of any online casino. The Ongame Network platform engages seamlessly with local and global financial services providers.

The Ongame Network services can be accessed by all PC, MAC and Linux users directly from an Internet browser. In addition PC users can download and install a powerful Windows-based poker module. The Ongame Network technology works for mobile users as well. Hence the platform reaches out to maximum number of users. The quality of reach is also better than competing networks. Ongame Network is better suited to overcome usability hurdles such as firewall restraints and wireless connection lags and hence makes gaming a more pleasurable experience.

The Ongame Network platform covers all forms of poker. Texas Hold’em, Omaha, 7-card Stud and 5 Card Draw are the most popular games. The platform also caters to all formats of poker. There are cash games, tournaments and unique Sit & Go formats among others. The games are available in no limit, pot limit and fixed limit format. However poker is not the only item on their menu. Based on the same Java technology is a wide range of other casino games that supplement the poker room.

Security, control and integrity add to Ongame Network’s gaming experience. Ongame Network’s sophisticated anti-fraud and anti-collusion systems monitoring all games round the clock and prevent fraudulent activities. The comprehensive reporting system ensures transparency and give players full control over their operations. Certificates from eCOGRA and the Global Gambling Guidance Group showcase Ongame Network’s integrity and instill faith in players.

Ongame Network caters to a perfect mix of skilled veterans, active regulars and curious newcomers from all over the world. Check it out and join the gang.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28