Digital Gaming Network online gaming company offers a unique Online Casino platform specifically aimed at the casino poker room.

With Poker in the Focus

Digital Gaming Network online casino software provider is all about Poker. The software enables a stable online casino platform that allows for the individual casino to choose its desired features. Tables, chairs, cards, the carpet and lobby can all be designed to look according to the taste of the owners of the casino. Only a year ago this network was fairly unknown but it has grown rapidly in a short time and has earned a reputation of being a stable online gaming company with an experienced management and staff. Digital Gaming Network offers software that increases the capacity for tournaments and enables full ring game. There are more than 50 Digital Gaming Network sites and they support many languages and currencies to the delight of players worldwide. They have enabled more poker rooms for US players and even offer a few online casino platforms in Hebrew.

The Digital Gaming Software not only enables individuality of the appearance of the casino poker room, it also opens up the gaming for a worldwide audience. This is one of the strong advantages of the network that just keeps on growing. Another strong card is that they keep releasing new games on a continuous basis letting their partners preserve the feeling of freshness and excitement in their casinos.

Community and Fair Play

Being a network where stress is put on the importance of having access to experienced and reliable management and staff, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Digital Gaming Network online gaming company care about fairness in gaming. They make a point of focusing on fair play through good customer support and a strong feeling of community. This community is not only for the poker professionals looking for a reliable and entertaining poker room but also for the beginners that need some practice before really getting into the game. With the Digital Gaming Network software multiple languages are also possible to apply and they come with tools that ensure that the language rules are kept. This is of course attractive to players all over the world and strengthens the feeling of community and network.

The Future

Digital Gaming Network online casino software provider predicts an extreme growth in the near future. When Digital Gaming Network acquired Dobrosoft and thereby expanded the poker gaming market for the US players they made a significant step which has now been shortly followed by a partnership with This is not the only recent signings but just two examples of many established partners now joining the network.
With offices in San Jose, Costa Rica, Eastern Europe and Asia the company will keep on developing their poker platform and strike new deals with serious casinos to further enhance the online poker rooms.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28