On their way in our out?

Anyone looking to learn about the Casinova online casino platform will not be able to do so through Casinova themselves online. Their web address is currently open for purchase which could either indicate that they are about to set it up properly or that things aren’t so proper at all. Still, this online casino software provider gets good words online when the casinos built by them are mentioned. It seems as if that which they already have produced is here to stay but the question is if we will get to see more of their well reputed work. Only time, and an occasional check of their web address, will tell.

What about the gaming?

There are six online casinos currently using the Casinova online casino software. They are Casino On Liner, Luck N’ Roll Casino, Lucky Tornado Casino, Lucky Trump Casino, Magic Trump Casino and Slots Alley Casino.

The casinos are well working casinos with attractive welcoming bonuses and a nice variety of games. All the casinos offer the classical casino games such as roulette, both European and American. Players from both sides of the Atlantic can enjoy the gaming in these casinos as the currencies to play with are US dollar, the British pound and the Euro.

The casinos carry a Gibraltar license and the gaming with them can be considered safe. Once a download has been made you can engage in slot machines, video poker, keno, scratch card games and progressive Blackjack and War. The list is long and should have something for both the beginner and for the experienced player.

Slots Alley Casino is also a well rounded casino that despite its name offers just as good of a repertoire as any other online casino. As the name implies they have a nice selection of slots but they also offer classic and modern casino games.

Graphics and software reliability

As mentioned, the casinos operating with the Casinova online casino software are considered to be secure. As this is the case today with most serious online casinos a high level of security is not anything extraordinary but rather something expected. The Casinova software keeps the level that any serious player will look for and more. Not only is the gaming experience a safe one, but also a pleasure to the eye. The Casinova online casino platform gives realistic images of a casino which enhances the gaming experience. A good combination of colors and graphics true to reality impresses and pleases. A quick surf through the casinos built by the Casinova online casino software makes it clear that the online gaming software is responsible for high class graphics and games. It is a real shame that their beautifully designed logo doesn’t lead to a website of their own but surely this must be on the way.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28