With a British flavor, BingoTek provides players with bingo and other games of high class. The online casino software provider can certainly be called a special producer of exciting online casino platforms.

BingoTek is for the Bingo Nut

BingoTek online casino software provider is known for its British touch and of course for Bingo! They advertise themselves as “the Ultimate Bingo Software System” and they can present more than one award for their products. For people who really love the game of bingo and want a fast and easy way of fulfilling their need to play BingoTek online gaming software company has the obvious options. Not only can the games be played in an online Flash version, which takes away unnecessary time and effort with a download, but the player can also choose to play for fun or for money. This combination makes the BingoTek portals suitable even to the bingo nut that is new to the Internet but has played in the local bingo hall for the past 20 years.

What gaming does BingoTek have to offer?

The licensees of BingoTek online gaming software company are Microgaming, Cyberslotz and Bingodrome. The first mentioned is a leader when it comes to high quality online casino platforms. Not only has it produced a great number of online casino games but it continues to release 4 new games every month. Many online casinos operate with the Microgaming online casino platform and they are also known to be casinos of very high quality and safety.

Cyberslotz.co.uk prides itself with being the leading online gaming site in the UK. Cyberslotz online casino offers, as is apparent in the name, slots, scratch card games, the classical casino games as well as bingo. The last mentioned licensee of BingoTek online casino software provider, Bingodrome stands out in that it received the Best Bingo Overall award from BingoAwards.com. This puts Bingodrome on the map as one of the leading bingo halls online. Bingodrome is open to US players and has a supervised chat room it provides excellent graphics and is available through a Flash version.

Some special features of BingoTek

BingoTek online casino software provider has required something as special as an UK Bingo License through RAL Interactive Limited. This gives players the possibility of experiencing authentic UK Bingo online. One might wonder what is so special about that. To many players it is exotic with effect such as the calling of numbers being done in a British accent. This details certainly adds to an overall UK feeling. Another special feature of BingoTek is that the UK Bingo offers games of 90 numbers contrary to the 75 number version so common in the US. The bingo language is also that of the British bingo dictionary. For an example, cards are sold as tickets. BingoTek portals offer safe technology and excellent customer support also available through chat. With fun side games possible to enter while engaged in the bingo session a BingoTek bingo room is more than just that and this is something many have already discovered.

Josh Kingsley – Executive Editor 2007-08-28