Are you among the unfortunate few who have had a miserable experience opening a casino account? Well, if you follow certain dos and don’ts while opening an account, you would never face such a situation again.

Online casinos are a convenient means to make money. You can sit in front of your computer at home and mint money by just giving in to the temptation of playing a ‘game.’ The increasing acceptance of online gaming has led to the creation of many gaming sites on the internet. And for an average gamer, it is quite hard to pick an authentic site, since all sites are designed to capture a web user’s attention. The proliferation of web-based business and activity has increased the possibilities of a security breach. With all your sensitive information floating online, it is very hard to prevent its misuse. In a scenario such as this, some basic do’s and don’ts while opening a casino account can prove to be the difference between a delightful gaming experience and a nightmare.

In order to play in an Online Casino, the first thing you must do is open an account. This is important as you would have to make deposits for a game and collect your prize money through the account. You have to submit your financial information to a gaming site to proceed to the gaming rooms. Most people are wary of offering their information after reading articles of web fraud. However, this shouldn’t discourage you because there are quite a few authentic sites that never compromise the security of their customers.

Caution is the watch-word. Before you provide any information to a site, research extensively to understand and identify the most popular casino sites. You can also find gambling information in forums or other news sites that offer a list of good and infamous sites. It is also sensible to gather information on the positive aspects of the site you are looking to invest in. After you have collected all the information that you require to take a wise decision, prepare an independent evaluation of the site. You could enter the site, read player feedback, the FAQs and About Us sections to gain an idea about the authenticity of the site. Check if the site has a valid gambling license. Most genuine sites offer 128-bit encryption, which prevents hacking and internet fraud. These are the sites you must ideally look to register in.

In addition to this, you can also check for the authenticity of a site by either emailing the support team of the site or calling up the customer service number provided in the site. Fake and illegal websites usually do not respond to your mails or answer your calls.

Genuine casino sites usually do not ask for credit card details. There are exceptions, too. However, to be on the safer side, do not open an account in a site where there is possibility of fraud, even if it is remote. Ultimately, it is your discretion that can save you from being conned.

Josh Kingsley – Executive Editor 2007-08-28