The large amount of online casinos available on the internet today has created a problem of selection for players as they now find themselves spoiled for choice. The growing online casino industry has created a market for online gaming and this has resulted in the launching of several new online casinos. Among these are a few unlicensed sites that have come on to the internet in an attempt to make some quick money off some unsuspecting players. This makes the selection process of an online casino of great importance since it is a question of your hard earned money. Fortunately it is quite simple to verify if an online casino is legitimate or not, by checking with online casino review sites or guide sites and even more importantly by studying the online casino first hand.

A large number of people tend to pick their online casinos by word of mouth or by a referral from a friend. This is certainly the safest means of picking an online casino but it is possible that you may miss out on an even better bet if you invest your money at the online casino without checking out all your other options.
So how does one go about choosing a good online casino that best suits your exigencies and what factors should one consider for evaluation in this process.

When considering an online casino for real play it is necessary for players to verify several important issues and not get dazzled by big welcome bonuses and tournament prize amounts. First on the list is to check if the online casino that you are interested in is a legitimate one and is licensed by a reputable agency. It is best if you select a casino that has been in the business for at least two to three years as this would be sufficient time to have established whether the online casino is a trustworthy one. Also, it is advisable for you to select an online casino that is owned and operated by a solid and reputed gaming company.

The next feature to analyze is the software which should be from a company that has a good standing in the market. Online casinos using Playtech, Microgaming and Cryptologic platforms are highly recommended as they have very stable and high quality, reliable gaming systems.

If the online casino meets all these criteria and you are happy with the gaming package it offers, then check out the banking and customer service options. A good online casino will give you choices when it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods. Make a study of the limits and standards offered for the games there and see if they suit your wallet. One very important factor to consider is the terms and conditions of the welcome bonus. Ensure whether it is a sticky bonus or a normal bonus before you commit to the site and invest your money.

Debbie Graham – Section Editor 2007-08-28