Are you ready to graduate from guest player to a real player? If you feel that you are ready to play for real in an online casino then it is about time you got the know how on how to open an online casino account.

Today we find more and more people joining online casinos either to play for fun or to game for real. What’s more is that a large percentage of the players who play for fun and are guest players eventually choose to make the switch to real players. The thrill of gambling, the entertaining atmosphere of the online casino, not to mention the enticement to win some really big money in a matter of a few minutes all serve to draw players to game at online casinos. Add to this the anonymity and freedom that an online casino provides to its players which a land based casino is not able to and you have a terrific combination of reasons to game at an online casino. As a result the gaming industry is booming and the number of online casinos available on the internet is on the increase.

The first step to becoming a real player at an online casino is opening an online casino account. This brings one to the question of how to open an online casino account. Unfortunately, many people are wary of financial transactions on the internet and online payment methods and therefore hesitate to open an online casino account. Their worry is justified as it is their hard earned money after all, but most of the online casinos today are licensed and reputable companies with very secure financial transactions. A good number of these online casinos will also match your initial deposit with a welcome bonus sum of their own.

The procedure for opening an account at an online casino is very simple and most often clearly explained by the online casino in a step by step process. All of the online casinos do not follow a single system of registration and the procedure for opening an account differs from one online casino to another. The basic procedure does not change and if you know how to do this then you need not have any worries whatsoever.

Most online casinos will take you through the registration process in which you will be required to give in your details, make an initial deposit based on the limits and conditions that the online casino you wish to play at specifies, choose your preferred method of online payment and make your deposit. After this, it’s on to some pure gaming fun.

Once you have given in your personal details like your name, email address, bank account number and so on and created an online casino account as a real player the rest is easy. You start off the entire online casino depositing process by clicking on the ‘cashier’ or banking links and selecting the online method of payment of your choice and then make your first deposit.

Josh Kingsley – Executive Editor 2007-08-28