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The Roulette Five Number Bet

Introduction to the Roulette Five Number Bet

Another bet that you should know about is the Roulette five number bet. The Roulette five number bet is an inside bet. The inside bet, as you know, is one of two major categorizations under which you can bring the different bets in Roulette. The five number bet in Roulette is different from other inside bets in many respects.

The five number bet in Roulette is not something you will come across too often, because it is considered the worst among all bets with a high house advantage and very low chances of winning. The Roulette five corner bet is possible only in American Roulette, which has two in addition to the one zero you see in European Roulette.

What is the Five Number Bet in Roulette?

The Roulette five number bet is also known as the top line bet. As mentioned earlier, this bet is seen only in American Roulette and is not the most popular of bets. There are two major factors contributing to the unpopularity of the Roulette five number bet: one is the high casino advantage and the other is the fact that you can place this bet on just one number combination.

The five number bet in Roulette basically requires you to bet on five consecutive numbers, and the possible number combination that you can bet on is the following number string – 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. To make the Roulette five-number bet, you need to place you chip(s) at a place that is common to all these numbers. This place is the corner at the left that touches the box labeled 1-12.

The Odds and Payout in the Roulette Five Number Bet

The Roulette five number bet is a bet that everybody advises you to stay away from. The odds for this bet are quite average, at 6:1. Basically, for you to win a Roulette five number bet, the ball has to fall on any of the five numbers on which you have bet – 0, 00, 1, 2, or 3. Per the odds, you receive a payout of $60 for a $10 bet, excluding the original wager amount.

The worst thing about the Roulette five number bet is the enormous house advantage. The casino enjoys a whopping 7.89% advantage for this bet. Given this high house advantage and the fact that this bet is available only in American Roulette, most people do not post the Roulette five number bet.

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